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If you are like most people then you have a pile of rubber bands just sitting around in the office or the home. Have you ever considered where the rubber came from? Or is it a recent creation? Here is some basic information about the rubber band.

The history of the rubber band starts thousands of years ago with the Mayan civilization. The Mayan’s used the white liquid from the rubber tree to waterproof their homes and was able to fashion bands in order to hold things together. The rubber band that we use today was invented by Stephen Perry and Jaroslay Kurash. The two men did not know each other but the story is that they made the same kind of rubber band on the same so both are credited for its creation. William Spencer in 1923 started to produce the band in bulk and from that point on rubber bands flooded the market.

The rubber band continues to have many usages today. The most common usage of the rubber band is for holding stack of paper together. Another usage is for holding newspapers together during the delivery process to customers’ doors. The rubber band comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Larger rubber bands are used to hold larger items together and smaller bands are used to hold smaller stacks of things together. Recently there has been a creation called the “silly bands” which are a version of the rubber band in that they have been formed into popular cartoon characters or figures that people love to have. The “silly bands” are worn on the wrist or ankles by children and adults alike; usually in mass quantities.

Rubber bands are also collected by many people. Usually in the form of a ball. The process is quite simple, a bunch of bands are wrapped together and other bands are wrapped around until the bands form a ball. The more bands that are added the bigger the ball becomes. One last way the band is used for is a weapon. People for some reason love to shoot each other with rubber bands. A harmless prank for great times of fun.